Immediate, Intelligent Application Access.

Liquit Access Manager is a completely integrated single sign-on solution that works smoothly with Liquit Workspace to provide simple, contextual, immediate access to the hundreds of applications your business needs to keep moving.

Making Access Simple, Smart and Secure

Liquit Access Manager eliminates the headaches that come along with making sure the right end-users have secure access to the applications they need.

Intelligent identification and authentication removes complexities from the sign-on process, allowing for the consolidation of multiple identity sources to improve security and efficiency.

Contextual awareness makes it simple to grant the right users access to the right applications, with extensive filtering and flexibility that gives IT teams management capabilities that no other platform can match.

Streamline the process of assigning the right access to the appropriate end-users and make IT departments' lives easier.

Benefits of Liquit Access Manager

Improved Organizational Productivity

With less time spent awaiting access to the right applications, teams can collaborate on the work that matters, no matter the device or location they’re working from.

Smart, Secure Access

Liquit Access Manager provides the highest level of organizational security, ensuring only the end-users you choose have access, without sacrificing efficiency.

A More Efficient IT Team

The last thing any IT team needs is an endless stream of tickets to resolve constant access issues due to inefficient, decentralized application management. Liquit Access Manager gives IT teams the freedom to focus on bigger issues.

Making End-Users’ Lives Easier

A pause to productivity because of an application access issue is endlessly frustrating. Liquit Access Manager eliminates these issues, creating happier, higher-functioning teams.

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We are using Liquit as the basis for our new Digital Workspace. It makes our application management and delivery much easier to maintain and saves us a lot of time. Every organization who is facing difficulties with their application management should start using Liquit.

Niels Zegers

Infra Manager at Lamb Weston